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Delipac Plastic-Free Board: The Future of Sustainable Takeaway Packaging with Planetware

Purple Planet Packaging Champions Delipac’s Plastic-Free Innovation

At Purple Planet Packaging, we’re thrilled to spotlight the ground-breaking plastic-free board from Delipac, enhanced further by their strategic alliance with Planetware. In a market swamped with environmentally-harmful foam trays and wraps, Delipac’s board is a refreshing, sustainable alternative.

Sustainable, Versatile, Microwave-Friendly

Rooted in nature, Delipac’s board is crafted from 100% renewable resources: sugarcane and bamboo. This biodegradable and compostable innovation isn’t just a win for the environment; it’s a boon for consumers too. With the capacity to withstand temperatures up to 90°C, it’s the ultimate microwave-compatible packaging solution.

Addressing the Global Plastic Crisis

At Purple Planet Packaging, our ethos revolves around green solutions. Delipac’s board aligns seamlessly with this vision, offering a tangible solution to the pervasive plastic pollution problem. Where traditional plastics persist, this board offers an eco-conscious departure, decomposing within months.

Elevate Your Brand with Green Packaging

In the current eco-centric business landscape, Delipac’s board is a game-changer. Businesses collaborating with us can now fuse branding aspirations with environmental responsibility, customising this versatile board to resonate with their brand ethos.

Leading the Eco-Revolution in Packaging

As stewards of sustainable packaging solutions, Purple Planet Packaging is proud to spotlight Delipac’s innovation. In partnership with Planetware, this board exemplifies the perfect fusion of sustainability and functionality.

Garnering Acclaim for Genuine Commitment

Delipac’s commitment is fortified by its compliance with the EU Single-Use Plastic Directive and its esteemed Din Certco certification. Flaunting the Flustix No Plastics Trust Mark, it’s evident that Delipac’s board isn’t just about claims but proven eco-excellence.

Your Eco-Partnership Begins with Purple Planet Packaging

Discover our bespoke range of UK-made Custom Branded Paper Cups, all crafted with Delipac’s pioneering board. In synergy with Planetware, we’re ushering in a new era of eco-conscious takeaway packaging options. Through our collaboration with the Eden Reforestation Project, we’re actively contributing to global reforestation efforts. Whether you’re eyeing ready-made solutions or bespoke branding endeavours, Purple Planet Packaging is your go-to partner. Let’s craft a sustainable narrative, one package at a time.


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