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Our outstanding PlanetWare™ eco friendly packaging is created with the utmost care, using PEFC® virgin paperboard, sourced responsibly. This demonstrates our strong commitment to sustainability. This range features plastic-free lined paper cups, making them recyclable and suitable for both home and industrial composting.

What is planetware™?

The team at Purple Planet Packaging is dedicated to the vision of a sustainable future where quality and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. We are excited to introduce to our selection of eco friendly packaging solutions our incredible range of cups and lids.

Unlike numerous other disposable cups that incorporate a PE/PLA plastic lining, which can complicate recycling efforts, PlanetWare™ cups are constructed from plastic-free virgin paperboard and employ advanced, leak-resistant aqueous barrier coating technology. This distinctive approach enables these cups to be readily recycled, suitable for industrial composting and even compatible with home composting. With PlanetWare™ cups, you have the flexibility to select from various sustainable disposal methods, all aimed at minimising environmental impact and fostering a circular economy.

Our eco friendly packaging

Enjoy a perfect fusion of quality and responsibility with our Planetware™ eco friendly packaging. These exceptional cups and lids are as recyclable, plastic-free and compostable, aligning with our commitment to a sustainable future. Available in three convenient sizes, from our Double Wall Cups to our r-PET Cold Cups, each is perfectly paired with your choice of a Flat or Domed Lid.

Planetware™ r-PET products are crafted with a minimum of 30% recycled content, providing exceptional clarity, strength and shatterproof qualities. What sets these products apart is their ability to be continuously recycled, effectively reducing the amount of plastic waste entering our environment and oceans.

Seasonal products

There is a unique magic to enjoying a delicious, comforting drink during festive seasons, be this autumnal Halloween vibes or jolly Christmas themes. Our exclusive range of festive PlanetWare™ Double Wall Cups are meticulously crafted to not only withstand the heat of your warm beverage but also bring a little joy and sparkle to your day, one animated character at a time.

Our beautifully branded seasonal cups are all made from plastic-free lining paperboard, meaning that they’re suitable for home composting. With our eco friendly packaging, you can savour your beverages without guilt, knowing you’re making a sustainable choice and sprinkling some additional seasonal celebrations.


Can I customise my order?

We offer a custom print service for some of our products and endeavour to fulfill any extra requirements or requests, should you have any. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask any questions you might have.

Can I request a sample?

Of course you can! Please email and provide us with your business name, address and a description of the samples you’d like.

Why choose Planetware™ cups?

Traditionally, hot beverage cups are dependent on plastic liners to prevent leakage. Unfortunately, these liners pose significant environmental challenges. At Purple Planet Packaging, we’re proud to free our cups from these liners, providing a more eco friendly packaging alternative.

How are these products tested?

All of our eco friendly packaging goes through rigorous, independent testing to guarantee that they are not only leak-proof but also adhere to the highest global food safety standards.

Reach out today

Whether you have inquiries, would like more information about our eco friendly packaging, or wish to discuss how we can customise our solutions to align with your unique needs, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way.

You can contact us by phone or via email using the details below:

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