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Original Pipeline – Purple Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre

Original Pipeline – Purple Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre, cleans all types of lines pipes and valves. A two-step beer line cleaner so that the purple solution will turn to green in the presence of organic matter, returning back to purple as soon as the beer lines are clean.

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This high-strength sterilising cleaner helps to maintain beer lines and keep them in hygienic condition. The fast-acting anti-bacterial formula will prevent yeast build up in pipework, helping to improve beer taste, head retention and carbonation. Can be used to sterilise and fully sanitise all types of liquid pump systems in the food industry. This high strength concentrate formula can be diluted before use.

  • Purple Beer Line Cleaner 5 Litre
  • Two stage beer line cleaning
  • Turns green in presence of bacteria
  • Reverts to purple when lines are clean
  • Sterlises and sanitises all types of beer line
  • Improves head retention, lacing and carbonation of beer
  • Suitable for use on all liquid pump systems in food industry
  • High strength formula for dilution at 1:30
  • Professional use only

Directions for use:

Dilute at 1:30 solution with water and pump through the beer line system. Use in two step method: Liquid will turn green indicating presence of organic mater and further cleaning required. Liquid will revert to purple when lines are clean. Rinse beer lines with clean water before use.

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1 Unit