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Our New 4oz Ice Cream Pots – A Deliciously Sustainable Choice

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news! We’ve just unveiled our latest addition to our eco-friendly lineup – 4oz ice cream pots! These little wonders are not only perfect for serving up your cold treats like gelatos, ice cream and sorbets, but they also shine when it comes to warm desserts, snacks, sides or sauces. They’re everything you need to stay spill-free and sustainable! But why should Purple Planet Packaging be your first choice? We’re here to tell you why!

Our Commitment To Sustainability

With a clean, crisp white design adorned with our signature green leaf band and eco messaging, these ice cream pots not only look great but also showcase your dedication to sustainability. Crafted from sustainably sourced board and lined with plant-based PLA, they are sturdy, leak-proof and commercially compostable with food waste (where accepted).

What sets Purple Planet Packaging apart is our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. Our products are independently 100% compostable by globally recognised authorities such as OK Compost by Vincotte and The Biodegradable Product Institute (BPI). This means that, after use, our packaging can be disposed of alongside general food waste, eventually transforming into nutrient-rich compost in less than 12 weeks at an approved composting facility.

Your Go-To For Eco-Friendly Catering Disposables

At Purple Planet Packaging, we take pride in being the go-to destination for all your eco-friendly catering disposables. Our extensive range of compostable items is unmatched in the UK, and we’re pleased to offer custom printing along with a comprehensive bespoke packaging and design service. Our ice cream pots are a cornerstone of our sustainable offerings, more of which can be found here.

One of the key advantages of choosing us is the convenience it brings to our valued customers. No more juggling multiple suppliers and factories. By sourcing all your eco-friendly packaging needs from us, you’ll receive one invoice and make one payment. Additionally, thanks to our substantial buying power, we can often secure better deals for our clients compared to if they approached suppliers or factories directly.

Over the past few years, Purple Planet Packaging has collaborated closely with some of the world’s foremost sustainable packaging manufacturers. Our manufacturing partners are leaders in their respective specialities, ensuring that every product we offer, including our ice cream pots, meets the highest standards of sustainability. Our fully compostable range is exclusively crafted from 100% plant-based materials, including corn-starch (PLA/CPLA/RCPLA), sugarcane bagasse, paperboard and birchwood sourced from sustainably managed forests and recycled paper pulp.

Order Your 4oz Ice Cream Pots Today!

So, if you’re ready to elevate your eco-friendly packaging game, be sure to check out our brand-new 4oz ice cream pots, whether you’re serving ice cream, soup or anything else!

Contact our team online, call us on 0800 061 4432 or email us at to get in touch. To request samples of any of our products, please send us an email and include your business name, address and specify the items you’d like samples of. There is a nominal fee of £7.95 +VAT for processing, which covers a 3-5 day delivery service. Please be aware that we send only 1-2 pieces of each requested sample.


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