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Paper straws

Purple Plant Packaging are proud to offer our extensive selection of paper straws, enabling you and your customers to still fully enjoy all of the benefits that straws bring, whilst supporting nature.

Vegware paper straws

Our collection of Vegware eco-friendly straws offers a diverse range of sizes, colours, materials and designs suitable for sipping and slurping cold beverages, cocktails, smoothies and thick milkshakes. These paper straws are all crafted from plant-based materials, making them commercially compostable where accepted, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

The premium quality of these straws has the added benefit of ensuring carbonated drinks retain their fizz for longer periods. Produced in the UK from 100% paper, they are available in 3-ply options, with our Jumbissimo range offering 4-ply straws for added durability and performance. With multiple designs and colours to choose from, you are sure to find the straws that suit you and your business.

Purple planet paper straws

Our sensational collection of paper straws are crafted from 100% premium-quality paper, ensuring their durability and longevity even in ice cold drinks. Manufactured in the UK from sustainably sourced paper, these stylish straws are available in various matte finish colours, patterns and sizes. With five different styles, colours and designs to choose from, we have no doubt that you will find a suitable choice for every cocktail, lemonade or iced-tea.

Purple Planet paper straws are the most affordable option we have available meaning you and your customers can contribute to a greener, safer and more sustainable environment without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.


Why are paper straws in demand?

As of 2020, the UK government enforced a ban on single use plastic straws in a bid to protect our environment, specifically our aquatic nature. The sheer volume of plastic straws and bottles that found themselves washed up within our oceans was astronomical and this ban was a massive step in the right direction towards creating a greener future for us all.

What are the benefits of using a straw?

First and foremost, it’s convenient. Straws provide a convenient way to sip your drink, which can be especially helpful when your beverage contains ice. As well as this, beverages such as fizzy pop, tea and coffee are known to cause teeth discoloration when consumed frequently. Using a straw can help minimise the contact between these drinks and the front teeth, which are most susceptible to staining.

How can you minimise the risk of staining your teeth?

For the best results in reducing potential teeth discoloration, it’s advisable to use a straw and position it beyond the front teeth while sipping. This way, you can enjoy your favourite drinks without worrying about their impact on the appearance of your teeth.

What are the benefits of using paper straws?

Using a paper straw can be a much more sanitary choice, especially when consuming canned beverages. Aluminium can lids can potentially harbour harmful bacteria, which can contaminate the can during various stages of storage, transportation or handling at stores. Similarly, when dining at restaurants, using a straw can prevent direct mouth contact with glasses, reducing the risk of exposure to bacteria that may be present if glasses are not washed or handled properly. It’s a practical measure to enhance hygiene when consuming beverages.

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